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if you have never had vodka it is like the most delicious sweet bread here in new york there’s this bakery called breads bakery that makes the most incredible chocolate vodka today we’re making cinnamon vodka but if you are looking for a chocolate vodka recipe i actually have one and i will leave the link to that in the description box below but back to the cinnamon vodka it turns out so amazing it is perfect for the holidays or any sort of celebration it is just light and fluffy and you just want to pull it apart and eat the whole thing though you shouldn’t or maybe you should share it with your family and friends i am sure you’ll love it let’s get started the first thing that we need to do is in the bowl of a stand mixer i have some milk to this i’m gonna add two tablespoons of sugar and some yeast this give a little stir so what we’re doing now is we’re activating the yeast you want to make sure that your yeast is alive before you bake a bread you spend a couple hours and if your yeast is dead that means your bread won’t rise and we’re gonna give this about five minutes to kind of do its thing make sure it gets all nice and bubbly and then we’ll keep on moving now that our yeast mixture is looking nice and foamy i’m gonna add in half a cup of flour and stir it up to mix i might need to switch to a whisk here to try to get out some of those lumps so that looks pretty smooth and what we’re going to do is just let this sit for another 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll see it get fluffier and grow in size all right so i don’t know if you can see but this mixture has gotten fluffier and kind of risen domed a little bit so into here i’m gonna add the rest of my sugar two eggs next in will be some nutmeg a splash of vanilla some salt and melted butter now i’m gonna put on my bread attachment and start to mix just give that a quick mix and i’ll start adding in flour half a cup at a time so that’s one half cup and we’re just gonna keep adding in flour in half cup additions until we’ve added in two and a quarter cups of flour all right so now that all the flour is incorporated we’re just gonna let this knead for another five minutes so now here we are you see that stretch you see how the dough pulls and those like long strings that you can see in there that’s what we’re looking for you can see how this stretches and pulls that’s what we’re looking for it is still a little sticky but we’re gonna remedy that right now so you wanna work on a nice clean surface and what we’re gonna do is spread out some flour and scrape all this dough onto the table i’m just gonna put a tiny bit more flour and i’m just gonna knead this until it’s not sticky so to me this looks pretty good it’s not sticking to my hands anymore and it’s come together into a nice ball so into this bowl i’m going to put a little bit of oil and then my dough is going right in there and i just want to coat the dough in oil to make sure it doesn’t stick this i’m going to cover with saran wrap and again we’re going to let this rise for one to two hours until it’s doubled in size i’ll show you it when we’re there while our dough is rising let’s make the streusel and the cinnamon filling so in the bowl i have one stick of butter to this i’m gonna add one and a half cups of brown sugar a pinch of salt one and a half tablespoons of cinnamon and a teaspoon of nutmeg your butter you want it to be at room temperature so that you can mix this all together if you’ve ever seen the seinfeld vodka episode you know that cinnamon is the king of vodkas oop and i almost forgot to add the flour two tablespoons of flour you know what if your hands are clean it might just be easier to go in with your hands just like that next up is the streusel also very simple in with some butter we’re gonna add powdered sugar flour and as always a nice pinch of salt use a fork to mash it all up honestly again it might be easier if you just go in with your hands but then this might happen now that this has come together it’s good to go and we’re also going to set this to the side all right so as you can see my dough has risen a ton i am going to whoa punch it down just kind of press it down we’ll put just a smidge of flour and i’m going to cut this in half this can sit right there while we work with this piece which we are going to roll into a big rectangle so while you work you can also just kind of pull the corners pull the edges to make sure that you’re getting a nice even ish rectangle this is looking pretty good to me then you want to take our cinnamon sugar mixture and spread a nice thin layer going from edge to edge from the very top to about half an inch from the bottom that looks quite beautiful now starting at this end we’re going to very tightly roll up towards us when you get to the bottom here make sure it’s nice and closed now what i’m going to do is take a serrated knife and just slice down the center of this and what i like to do because a lot of times one side is thicker than the other is i like to kind of flip one side around and then you’re gonna create an x and what we’re gonna do is twist the two strands of dough over each other making sure that the cinnamon side is up and pinching the ends closed do it to one side and then do it to the other you can see that this is definitely longer than our pan what we’re going to do is kind of squish it together so it’s nice and full like that and then quickly and carefully transfer so next now these two beauts are gonna get our streusel topping on top of this some saran wrap and i’m just gonna let it sit here and rise for another 30 to 45 minutes until you see it fill up the pan and it should have not doubled but definitely gotten bigger don’t forget to preheat the oven while you’re waiting for your popcorn to rise but my vodkas have risen and you can see here i just put it on a little cookie tray so that it makes it really easy to put in and take out of the oven these are going to go into a hot 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes while the vodkas are baking we’re going to make a sugar syrup that we brush on top of them when they come out of the oven to make sure that that crust and that crumble is really nice and beautiful shiny golden so in here i have 2 3 cup of sugar and i will add 1 3 cup of water and we just want to bring this to a bubble until all that sugar has been melted so now you can see this is bubbling and i don’t know if you can tell but there’s no sugar left on the bottom this i’m just going to let sit until the vodkas come out of the oven oh my gosh look at these incredible vodkas this is another reason that you want to put a tray down underneath these so that you don’t get cinnamon sugar mixture all over the bottom of your oven once these come out of the oven you immediately want to brush them with this sugar syrup and if you have extra sugar syrup you can keep this to make drinks this is literally just simple syrup which i saw being sold for like ten dollars a bottle in brooklyn sugar and water simple syrup make yourself a nice cocktail while you wait one thing that i will recommend is that while these are so warm it doesn’t have to be when they’re super hot but while they’re warm kind of try to pry up the edges of them so that they don’t get stuck in the pan so the vodka is cooled let me show you you see that honestly i might have odd on the filling but i hate a dry vodka so let’s see how this tastes look at that i’m just gonna go in for a big bite here we go i did not overdo it oh my god cinnamon roll on crack it is so soft and fluffy and cinnamony you can see that the sugar and the butter caramelize perfectly on this delicious cinnamony perfect for fall if you’re still here

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